Swirled Sugar is a family and women owned and operated Organic Cotton Candy business.
Forget what you may think about traditional cotton candy. All of our cotton candy is organic, all-natural, 100% nut free and gluten free. It is a treat that everyone can enjoy!
We cater to your event needs, providing both personalized favor bags and/or cart service with attendant.

Our Story

Swirled Sugar is run by sisters, Aimee and Annie. When we are not swirling cotton candy, Aimee is a pediatric nurse, and Annie runs a home daycare. Aimee has 2 littles at home who are cotton candy fiends.

Swirled Sugar came about because we wanted to find a way to combine our creativity, with our serious love of sweets. Both sisters are very conscious of food additives and try to eat as clean as possible, but without giving up our treats. We decided that we wanted to make cotton candy fun and delicious again and we think that we have mastered the treat! We make our own cotton candy base by using organic sugar, all-natural flavorings and colorings, and we encourage you to put our cotton candy up to the test. 

By supporting Swirled Sugar, you support a woman owned business and you support the dream that became a reality.